Emirates unveils passport-free facial recognition flying at GITEX

Emirates airline demonstrated new technology at GITEX 2019 that will allow customers to fly with no passport, no boarding pass, and no fingerprints.

The technology uses facial recognition to screen customers, and will be coming to Dubai Airport in 2020.

GITEX 2019 is a tech exhibition which took place in the Dubai World Trade Centre from 6-10 October.

The show featured many conference speakers on topics such as ‘The 5G Countdown’, ‘Smart Citi Zens’ and ‘The Future of Being’.

Among the companies which exhibited at the show were Huawei, Nokia, Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi and Ericsson.

In a LinkedIn post, Senior Vice President at the Dubai World Trade Centre Trixie LohMirmand commented on the new technology: “No passport, no boarding pass, no fingerprints. From check-in, immigration to boarding gate. All you need is just a smile.

“The world’s first future travel is coming in 2020 to Dubai Airport by Emirates and General Directorate Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai.”

Commenters on the post discussed the issue of data security, and asked who has access to the facial recognition data which is generated from the new technology.

Source: www.exhibitionworld.co.uk

Tarsus launches new division Tarsus Egypt

International organiser Tarsus Group has today announced the launch of a new division – Tarsus Egypt.

The group’s newest division has been formed as a joint-venture partnership with Amr Shawki, a leading figure in the Egyptian exhibition industry and Chairman of local organiser Egytec.

Tarsus Egypt will create a new B2B events platform for local and international customers to build valuable partnerships in the dynamic Egyptian and North African markets.

Tarsus Group also confirmed that the first event for the newly established division will be Zuchex Cairo, a replication of Zuchex Housewares and Kitchenware Fair Istanbul, the leading trade housewares buying exhibition in Eurasia.

Zuchex Cairo will be the first event of its kind in the region. Covering a total area of 3,400sqm, the inaugural edition will place 150 exhibitors from Egypt, Africa, Turkey and Asia in front of over 5,000 professional buyers.

It will offer exhibitors an opportunity to sample the Egyptian market in a cost-effective way, with the support of an experienced organiser. Zuchex Cairo is set to take place at the Cairo International Convention Centre (CICC) 11-13th November 2020.

Commenting on the launch, Douglas Emslie, Tarsus Group Chief Executive, said: “Egypt has a population of 105 million and the fastest economic growth of all African countries. Its geographic, political and cultural position within the region as well as a large working-age consumer population have been key factors behind our move into the region.

“Tarsus Egypt will connect commercial and government buyers from Egypt and North Africa with new innovations, technology and products. We are very excited to announce not only the launch of Tarsus Egypt today but also our first event in the country, Zuchex Cairo; a replication of the hugely successful Zuchex Istanbul. We have huge ambitions for Tarsus Egypt, and plan to announce the next wave of event launches before the end of the year.”

Amr Shawki, Chairman, Egytec added: “Tarsus Egypt marries Egytec’s strong local reputation – built over the past 30 years in delivering value to customers through well-attended international B2B events and strong government support – with Tarsus’ leading portfolio of brands, global sales network and entrepreneurial spirit.

“I am very excited by today’s announcement and look forward to working with the team at Tarsus Group to bring a raft of new and innovative events to Egypt”.

Source: www.exhibitionworld.co.uk

Easyfairs acquires Futurebuild Events

Easyfairs has announced it is acquiring Futurebuild Events, a London-based independent events company. The two organisers will collaborate to deliver a portfolio of events dedicated to the needs of the market, whilst retaining the Futurebuild Events management and staff.

Martin Hurn, managing director of Futurebuild Events said: “We’re very excited about this new chapter for Futurebuild. Our ongoing focus is to deliver a must-attend event that truly acts as a catalyst for change and brings together innovators and influencers to share the latest ideas and knowledge. Partnering with Easyfairs will enable us to continue to develop this inspirational event, staying true to our vision, while benefiting from ongoing investment and world-class event technology, systems and processes.”

Futurebuild takes place on the 3-5 March 2020 at ExCeL London, it aims to connect brands with over 27,000 attendees who shape and influence the industry. The event hopes to be a catalyst for change with a focus on innovation by combining a program of content with over 400 exhibitors.

Futurebuild will become a part of Easyfairs’ European portfolio of building & construction exhibitions, which currently spans Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. This includes their flagship event, Building Holland, which takes place annually in the RAI Amsterdam and shares a similar mission statement to Futurebuild.

Matt Benyon, CEO of Easyfairs UK & Global, commented on the acquisition: “This is an exciting development for both parties. For Easyfairs it builds on our strong existing portfolio, establishing a presence in the UK and also internationally in this sector, and for Futurebuild it can only strengthen the great work the team has already done to build an event with and for the built environment community. Our mission as a company is to give communities a vision of their future and to deliver value for those communities, which is what Martin and his team have worked so hard to do over the last few years. It is impressive to see the commitment of this experienced team of event professionals who know the built environment and its many industries and are passionate about its communities! I look forward to working closely with Martin and this community to deliver the best possible event for the industry.”

Hurn also remarked: “There is a great cultural synergy between the two businesses. Easyfairs shares our values as an independent company that is committed to exceptional customer service and delivering a memorable and inspirational event experience, and we’re very much looking forward to working together.”

Source: www.exhibitionnews.uk

Riyadh Exhibitions Company announces event calendar

Riyadh Exhibitions Company (REC), a company which offers event organising services, has announced its ‘Exhibitions and Conference Calendar’ from October 2019 – November 2020.

The calendar will include events in various fields such as agriculture, construction, healthcare, heavy equipment and machinery, packaging, plastic and petrochemical industries, transportation and electricity.

One of the exhibitions that will be organised is Saudi Elenex 2020, which will cover topics relating to electricity, alternative energy, water, technology and lighting.

The Saudi Elenex will showcase products, services and technologies to 15,000 corporate visitors representing multinationals, SMEs and large-scale organisations from Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

It will also provide an opportunity to network with government officials, international buyers, consultants and industry specialists. It aims to foster long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with local companies to launch joint ventures and projects of common interest.

Mohammed Al Sheikh, head of marketing and PR at Riyadh Exhibitions Company (REC), said: “Globally, the MICE sector (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) accounts for as much as 1% of the world’s GDP, more than US $275 billion annually.

“The MICE sector is growing significantly in the Kingdom due to the Saudi government’s facilitations through the Saudi Exhibition & Convention Bureau (SECB).

“The sector has a tremendous potential to boost economic growth across Saudi Arabia by increasing our share of the international trade show and exhibition marketplace. The MICE industry promotes the economic significance of the country and supports the openness of the Kingdom to international players and attracts thousands of investors who are eager to enter the Saudi market.

Al-Sheikh continues: “For the fourth quarter of this year (2019) until November next year (2020), REC plans to organise and manage a rich portfolio of sustainable programmes covering vital sectors in the Kingdom. These programmes include: Saudi Print & Pack, the Saudi Plastic & Petrochemicals, which is the largest industrial gathering in the region; Saudi HealthCare Exhibition, the Kingdom’s largest healthcare event which will host more than 25,000 professionals and leading healthcare providers and suppliers in the region.”

Source: www.exhibitionworld.co.uk

Global exhibitions market set to grow by 4%

The global exhibition industry has been forecasted to grow by an estimated 4% to the year 2023, according to Globex 2019. This was released 2 October by strategy consultancy, AMR International.

Globex is published by AMR International annually. It provides in-depth trends analysis, granular volume and price data, plus 5-year forecasts on 20* mature and emerging countries, helping organisers to plan their growth strategies.

The 11th edition of Globex – the global exhibition organising market: assessment and forecast to 2023 – reveals a positive five-year outlook for the global exhibitions industry. This positive forecast comes despite recent macroeconomic turmoil.

Growth in 2018 was driven by good performance across most emerging markets, and a strong US market. Organisers and investors can expect this growth to continue, barring any drastic changes to the current political and economic environment.

The 14 most significant exhibition markets generated $27.8bn in exhibition organising revenues in 2018, with the rest of the world’s contribution estimated at an additional c.$5.7bn. The total market grew by 5% in 2018 compared to 3.5% in 2017 and 4.5% in 2016.

Mr Florent Jarry, head of AMR’s global events practice commented: “The Globex 2019 findings show that the global exhibition industry continues to be highly profitable, as face-to-face interaction remains strongly valued by exhibitors and visitors. We are cautious on some country forecasts given recent events but remain positive about the global industry over the medium term. While digital technologies are more likely to enhance events and the customer experience than replace them.”

Source: www.exhibitionnews.uk

Five Trends That Will Revolutionize Trade Show Marketing in 2019

If you’re a business owner or marketer who’s serious about maximizing ROI, then you need to have a presence at industry trade shows. It’s all in the statistics—when it comes to efficiency, 85% of B2B marketers and salespeople say that trade shows e. This is because they bring a host of vendors together under one roof. Moreover, 91% of attendees say that being at a trade show impacts their buying decisions. That’s what happens when your target audience shops in real time.

But there are more fundamental reasons that trade shows are an effective marketing strategy. It’s because exhibiting is a great way to engage an audience, and advancing technology means the landscape of trade shows changes with each passing year. Marketers have more tools at their disposal to engage their targets. Here are some emerging trends that are revolutionizing trade shows that marketers need to be aware of.

Customer-centric design

Starting with the aforementioned fundamentals, first impressions are everything. You want your booth or display to make an impact on attendees instantly. But today that’s not just about having a flashy design—you want it to appeal to the potential customer’s emotions and imagination.

Everything about the booth design should be intuitive. Every element should work together to facilitate a common goal: making it clear to the potential customer how your product or service will benefit their business. In 2018 we’re seeing not only flashy colors that grab attention but using unique signage, new fabrics, and textures that create an aesthetically pleasing booth design. You can even incorporate 3D mapping technology and texturized graphic displays utilizing materials such as metal and wood. The sky’s the limit!

Ultimately, the trend is moving towards a “human-centric” booth experience. So you should cease thinking in terms of square footage and the numbers of demo stations. Instead ask yourself if the experience is comfortable to visitors. Are there engagement interactives that speak to the visitors and enhance the overall experience?

Multi-sensory experiences

Playing off the first trend, business owners and marketers are realizing that they aren’t limited to engaging visitors merely by sights and sounds. There are five senses in total, and it’s time that trade-show marketers appealed to all of them. The goal is to get people connecting with your brand, and according to the Harvard Business Review, amplifying the sensory qualities of your exhibit is the perfect way to do so.

So it’s smart for trade show marketers to avoid monotonous presentations in favor of unique lighting design, touch-panel interfaces, gamification, interactive displays, etc. And don’t ignore the power of scent marketing , as the human nose has hundreds more receptors than the eye and ear, so to ignore the power of scent is to turn your back on a crucial tool. To this end, consider embedding and dispensing attractive scents to capture the attention of visitors passing by your booth.

Focus on comfort

For too long marketers have focused almost exclusively on how to wow trade-show visitors that they’ve forgotten the one thing that appeals to everyone regardless of demographic: comfort. Consider that it can be exhausting spending all day at a trade-show, and most folks want a brief respite from all that walking. Exhibitors who implement lounge areas are finding success at getting people into their booth and having them stay there for extended periods of time. This is a perfect opportunity for the floor staff to give the visitors their sales pitch.

Even savvier is that lately marketers have been adding charging stations along with comfy lounge chairs. Think about it: every public space, be it an airport or shopping mall, with a charging station that is always full. Adding public USB ports to your booth plays off this convenience and will surely bring in many eager visitors.

Virtual reality

In regards to technology trends, there are few bigger buzzwords right now than “VR.” Interestingly enough, it’s generating quite the buzz in the trade-show world as well. That’s because it’s adept at drawing a person in and fully engaging their senses with a presentation. 2018 is all about virtual reality, due in large part to the fact this multi-sensory gem is more accessible than ever before. It’s no longer a niche bit of tech shown off at CES—now anyone can use it.

More to the point: studies show that 53% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that uses VR than one that doesn’t. This is because, to the typical prospect, you’re showing that your brand is at the forefront of technology in a rapidly changing world. The best thing is that there are a number of VR platforms out there to suit any budget, so cost shouldn’t be an issue. In fact, you can have VR app Google Cardboard for as little as 10 dollars.

This gives your booth visitors a chance to interact with your brand far beyond just a casual conversation with a sales rep at a tradeshow. Check out how Intel set up their booth to give their trade show visitors an experience that would surely stand out from the rest.

The science of light

10 years ago the notion of utilizing flat-screen TVs in your trade-show booth to enhance presentations was considered cutting edge. But as technology advances no longer is it sufficient to restrict your message to a single screen. Nowadays you can transform the entire space using a targeted focus of light. There is indeed a science to light and shadow, and marketers who understand this stand the best chance of presenting their product effectively.

Utilizing unique lighting elements can also be a powerful tool to direct visitors to specific displays or products. For example, dimming lights is not a new technique. However, Samsung wowed audiences at CES 2018 with an effective use of black color scheme enhanced by downlights and various monitors throughout. Then there’s 3D projection mapping, which allows you to transform a space using light and projectors.

Want to turn a wall of your booth into a 3D video image? Done. Want to project a personalized image on a prop, statue, or another surface? No problem. The possibilities are endless—you just need to be creative.


All of the trends mentioned above portend exciting advances and changes in the trade show space. But never forget the fundamentals, those simple rules upon which we build our success as exhibitors. Make sure your sales staff is communicating your message clearly and effectively. Most importantly, have a follow-up plan in place so the second a potential customer exits your booth, you’re already nurturing that lead via post-show follow-ups.

Source: www.exhibitions.inloop.com

Sheikh Ahmed: Expo 2020 Dubai will be ‘world’s greatest show’

The first World Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region, Expo 2020 Dubai is expected to attract 25 million visits between October 20, 2020 and April 10, 2021.

The Expo 2020 Dubai Higher Committee, led by Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, has announced that it is on scheduled to deliver the “world’s greatest show”.

Sheikh Ahmed, also chairman of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, chairman Dubai Airports and chairman and chief executive of Emirates Airline and Group, convened the meeting to hear the latest updates in preparing to host the Expo next year.

The high level taskforce, entrusted with steering progress on the largest event ever held in the Arab World, reaffirmed its commitment to hosting an exceptional Expo, adding that developments are on track.

Sheikh Ahmed said: “It was a very productive meeting, at a time when all our efforts are concentrated toward fulfilling the pledge made to deliver an exceptional World Expo. It deserves to be the world’s greatest show, and we are on track to deliver the event on time. We are sparing no effort in pursuit of this goal, and with it, we will honour the whole country, the people of the UAE, and our wise leadership.”

During the meeting, the National Media Council presented progress of construction of the UAE Pavilion, while officials from Expo 2020 updated the committee on the status of the three Thematic Pavilions – Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability, Dubai Exhibition Centre and the Expo Village, and shared developments related to international participants and ticket prices.

Last week, it was announced that the final piece of the Al Wasl dome has been lifted into place, representing a significant milestone in the construction of the centrepiece of the Expo 2020 Dubai site.

Enclosing a space of 724,000 cubic metres and standing 67.5 metres tall – higher than the Leaning Tower of Pisa – the 130-metre-wide domed steel trellis encircles Al Wasl Plaza, a structure that will be the heart of the Expo 2020 site.

The first World Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region, Expo 2020 Dubai is expected to attract 25 million visits between October 20, 2020 and April 10, 2021.

The six-month celebration will welcome more than 200 international participants, including 192 nations.

Source: www.arabianbusiness.com

Easyfairs takes control of Milan-based Packaging Première

Global exhibition organiser Easyfairs has put another layer of wrapping on its European packaging credentials and expanded its operations in Italy by moving to take a majority stake in Packaging Première. The Milan show next takes place 26-28 May, 2020.

Packaging Première has grown exponentially since its launch in 2017, with the third edition in 2019 boasting 242 exhibitors, 13,000sqm and 6,700 visitors. The show’s focus is on packaging for fashion and accessories, cosmetics, wines and spirits, fine foods and other luxury goods.

The Easyfairs UK & Global team will work in partnership with Packaging Première’s existing management team, which retains a stake in the event. Easyfairs will maintain the team in Italy to work alongside the company’s wider packaging team in London.

The show becomes the 31st annual event in Easyfairs’ growing packaging portfolio and follows other major acquisitions in recent years including ADF&PCD and the Pentawards. 

Easyfairs’ existing global portfolio of packaging events runs across Europe and North America, with brands including Packaging Innovations, Luxury Packaging, Label&Print, Empack, ADF (Aerosol Dispensing Forum), PCD (Packaging of Perfume, Cosmetics & Design), PLD (Packaging of Premium & Luxury Drinks) and Pentawards.

The acquisition marks Easyfairs’ first significant presence in the Italian market and clearly complements the ADF&PCD and PLD events in Paris, ADF&PCD in New York and the Luxury Packaging exhibition in London.

The partnership should also enable further growth in Italy as a focus region for the international organiser.

Matt Benyon, CEO of Easyfairs UK & Global, commented: “We are absolutely delighted to bring this impressive event into our growing packaging portfolio; the quality of the exhibition and the market in which it operates has absolute synergy with the shows we run across Europe and represents the same values. We have a strong reputation already across the global packaging market, especially in Europe, and this helps us build that reputation further into Italy and will provide a springboard for other events and launches in this region. I am very much looking forward to working closely with the Packaging Première team to share best practices and develop this great event further.”

The Founder of Packaging Première Pier Paolo Ponchia will remain directly involved with the event, on both strategic direction and implementation of that strategy. He stated he was “proud” of what had been achieved already with this event. “It is a special community with which I am delighted to be closely involved. The partnership with Easyfairs will enable us to take the show to the next level, by benefiting from a wider infrastructure and global network of events.”

Source: www.exhibitionworld.co.uk

Tarsus Group buys 70% stake in Touch China

Tarsus, the global B2B media group, has announced that it has completed the acquisition of 70% of Shenzhen Zhong Xin Cai Exhibition Company; owner and organiser of Touch China & 3D Glass Expo strengthening the Group’s presence in its Shenzhen hub. The acquisition also represents the group’s first move into the fast growing and strategically important electronics sector in Shenzhen. 

Touch China was launched in 2006 and is now firmly established as the leading exhibition in the fast-growing 3D curved glass manufacturing sector. The exhibition is held annually at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (SZCEC). The 2019 edition of Touch China, held in June, attracted some 380 exhibitors covering a gross area of 37,500 m2 and saw over 22,500 visitors in attendance. Key to the event’s ongoing success is the extensive support it garners from leading bodies in the market, including the China Communication Industry Association along with top manufacturers in the industry. 

According to industry sources, the global 3D glass market reached $1.9 billion in 2018, a figure which is projected to soar to $2.7 billion in 2019 and to more than $8 billion by 2025. In 2018, at least 30 million pieces of 3D glass were needed in China – this demand is expected to outnumber 170 million pieces by 2025 and will see many manufacturers pushing to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the sector. 3D glass is expected to see rapid adoption and volume growth in a broad range of end market applications including telecommunications, consumer products, automotive, medical, and smart homes.

Commenting on the acquisition, Tarsus CEO, Douglas Emslie, said: “We are delighted to have completed our first investment under our new owners, Charterhouse Capital Partners. Touch China represents our first move into the strategically important electronics sector in Shenzhen. The Asia-Pacific region is dominating the global 3D glass market – China is undoubtedly the hub of smartphone manufacturing and in turn is the largest user of 3D glass.

“China has long been a cornerstone of our corporate strategy and plans for future growth. This acquisition marks another important milestone in our aim to further expand our base in Shenzhen whilst giving us access to an important, growing industry.” 

Mr. Su Jie, founder and CEO of Shenzhen Zhong Xin Cai Exhibition Company and deputy secretary general of China Communications Industry Association, said, “Shenzhen is a showcase city for the future growth of the Chinese market and an anchor for the future development of the Greater Bay Area. I firmly believe that this deal will significantly advance our growth trajectory and international market presence as we move forward with Tarsus – their experience in delivering customer value and investing in operational excellence will benefit our customers and boost the event’s future development tremendously.” 

Source: www.eventindustrynews.com

Gentlemen of Hong Kong and Verona extend partnership to 2021

Italy’s Veronafiera has strengthened its presence at HK International Wine & Spirits Fair via a new co-operation agreement with Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC).

The new HKTDC understanding with Italian wine fair organiser Veronafiere was signed in Milan, Italy, 19 September and extends the collaboration to 2021. The partners stated the aim to bring more quality Italian wineries and olive-oil producers to the HKTDC Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair.

HKTDC Deputy Executive Director Benjamin Chau and Veronafiere CEO Giovanni Mantovani signed the agreement for the respective sides.
“We have been working with Veronafiere for over a decade to feature the acclaimed Vinitaly Pavilion at our Wine & Spirits Fair. Even more synergy can be created by reinforcing the collaboration between the HKTDC and Veronafiere as organisers of prominent international wine fairs,” said Mr Chau. “I am sure the extension of the cooperation signed today will strengthen our strategic alliance and set out the scope for our ongoing collaboration to bring more leading Italian wines producers to Hong Kong.”

Mantovani said the three-year partnership renewal is part of Veronafiere’s development strategy. “Today’s agreement further consolidates our relationship with the HKTDC, a partnership that supports the international platform that Veronafiere makes available to Italian companies, especially through its brands and assets such as Vinitaly and Sol&Agrifood, to promote the culture of Italian wine and extra virgin olive oil, and above all to facilitate their entry and positioning in Asian markets.”

In 2018, the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair welcomed 1,075 exhibitors from 33 countries and regions while nearly 19,000 trade buyers from 73 countries and regions attended.

After the abolition of wine duties in 2008, Hong Kong has played an important role as a duty-free wine trading hub in Asia.

Italy was Hong Kong’s fifth-largest supplier of wine products in 2018, when total Italian wine imports to Hong Kong exceeded €1.37bn (about HK$11.8bn or US$1.52bn).

The HKTDC Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair 2019 will be held from 7 to 9 November. A month-long citywide promotion under the banner of Hong Kong Wine Journey will be launched in mid-October 2019 with selected menus and food pairings at restaurants across the city, wine tastings and tours.

Source: www.exhibitionworld.co.uk

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